Vital VST Presets – 160+ Free Presets For Vital VST Synth[Free Soundbank]


160+ Free Vital VST presets designed by ANNMS. Free pads, keys, leads, sequences, drums, atmospheres, and more!

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170+ free vital presets, designed by ANNMS, Absolutely free to download. This Royalty-free soundbank can be used in a variety of genres like Dubstep, Future Bass, Pop, EDM, Synthwave, Progressive House, Trance, Trap, Hip Hop, and many more.

Vital by Matt Tytle is the synth of the year. This vst plugin uses wavetables in its sound engine and due to its amazing sound quality, has arisen to the top of “The best vst plugins of 2021“.

Vital uses the ‘Spectral Warping algorithm’ to generate and process harmonics which gives sound designers outstanding control over the timbre and overall sound.

The Text to Wavetable is one of the coolest features in the plugin, although it is limited to the pro plan/paid version of the plugin.  One of the advantages of this plugin is the visual feedback in its user interface, you can see how the various effects like Phaser, Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Chorus, Filter, etc are affecting the sound.

Vital vst review [About]


  • 3 wavetable Oscillators, fully editable and synthesis support.
  • Text to wavetable
  • Dual Filter
  • Oscillator Options – Frequency Modulation(FM), Ring Modulation(RM), Vocode, Formant Scale, Harmonic and Inharmonic Stretch, Smear, Random Amplitude, Low Pass, High Pass, Phase Dispersion, Shepard Tone, Spectral Time Skew, Sync, Formant, Quantize, Bend, Squeez and Pulse
  • Filter Options – Analog, Digital, Comb, Formant, Phaser,  Diode.
  • Effects – Chorus, Single and Multiband Compressor, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Filter, Flanger, Phaser & Reverb

Pros – Highly editable units, good visual feedback, High-quality unison and effects, a wide range of wavetables, text to wavetable. Easy to use and customize sounds.

Cons – Needs login to work, High CPU requirements.

Vital VS Xfer Serum – VST comparison

One of the heated debates in the producer community is Vital vs Serum.  I would like to give you a valid comparison.

Sound design

When it comes to sound design, Vital is better than Serum, there are various reasons to support this claim.

  • Vital has 3 oscillators and dual filters that can be arranged in series and/or parallel.
  • Vital oscillators give more analog character while Serum oscillators are more to the digital side,
  • In Vital you have more envelopes, LFO, and other internal controllers that can modulate almost everything inside the plugin.
  • The modes in oscillators are more creatively oriented, e.g. Formant with text to wavetable.

CPU usage

Vital is doing a very bad job in terms of performance. It requires a lot of CPU to process the sound. While Serum despite using heavy modulation and voices, can effectively control the heat.

Filter and Effects

It’s a no-brainer that Xfer Serum is the God of filtering.  It is way more advanced than vital in terms of filter and effect.


Obviously, Vital wins here with its free version of the plugin.

Wavetable generator

Xfer Serum has the best-inbuilt wavetable import engine, but vital has more control over the editing window for wavetable.


In the end, I will say that although Vital and Serum are both great plugins, they have their own pros and cons and can be used in specific situation. 

How to install Vital VST Presets?

To install presets, samples, and wavetables in vital

  • Open Vital vst in your DAW
  • Go to the Documents folder of your operating system eg. For Windows – C:\Users\USER\Documents\Vital
  • Open user folder
  • Copy and paste the contents from our preset pack into respective user folders.
  • Done!!

Soundbank Content

Ultra soft saw Chords.vital
Universal Grit.vital
Up and saw.vital
Upliftinf Arps.vital
Uplifting Arps.vital
Vain Bass.vital
Victory Brass 2.vital
Victory Brass.vital
Vinyl Constant.vital
Vital in the House.vital
Voice Open.vital
Winter Keys.vital
8 bit collection.vital
8 bit.vital
Alien lead.vital
Ambient Guitar Key(Random).vital
Ambient Guitar.vital
Analog Dreams.vital
Analog Heavy Pluck.vital
Analog Key.vital
Angelic Pad.vital
Annihilation Alien Lead.vital
ANNMS 808 Family.vital
ANNMS Piano.vital
Arp – A sound to remember.vital
Arp – Analog Basic.vital
Arp – R2D2.vital
Arp – Starship.vital
Bass – Analog Saw.vital
Bass – Digital Monk.vital
Bass – Digital Monkc.vital
Bass Guitar.vital
Bass Sequence 2.vital
Bass Sequence.vital
Bowed Pad.vital
Broken Mouthpiece.vital
Chords – Don Diablo.vital
Chords – Future Bass.vital
Chords – Future House.vital
Chords – Heavy SAW.vital
Chorus Key.vital
Church Bell(Dark).vital
Church Pad.vital
Cinematic arp low tempo.vital
Cinematic Pad 2.vital
Cinematic Pad.vital
Classic Phone.vital
Deadmau Pluck.vital
Death Bell.vital
Digital Mallets.vital
Dimension choir.vital
Dirty  Swell.vital
Dirty Soft.vital
Downsampled Key.vital
Drop Hov.vital
Dry Trap.vital
Dubstep Growl Seq.vital
Easy Formant.vital
Electric Bass shot.vital
Electro City.vital
Electro Lead (mono).vital
Electro Personified.vital
Empty Steel.vital
Festival Trance.vital
FM Emotive.vital
FM Instruments.vital
Forbidden Friendship 2.vital
Forbidden Friendship.vital
French Horn.vital
Fute 1.vital
Future Bass Chords.vital
Future Bass.vital
Good and evil.vital
Happy Dance Pluck.vital
Hard clap.vital
Hard Hit.vital
Hard Shot.vital
Harmonic Bell.vital
Harp Piano.vital
Heavy Cinematic.vital
Hi hat.vital
Hip Hop synth.vital
Horn mix voice lead.vital
Instrument – Horn.vital
Instrument – Sitar.vital
Jungle Flute.vital
Juno Lush Pad.vital
Kick Drum.vital
Korg Key.vital
Lead – Analog Keys.vital
Lead – Contra.vital
Lead – FM grit.vital
Lead – Phrophet.vital
Lead – Synthwave.vital
Lead – Voice and Pluck.vital
Lo – Fi.vital
Lush Lead.vital
Mallet Key.vital
Monster Bass.vital
Night voices.vital
Pad – Dark Pop.vital
Passing Jet.vital
Phasing Bass mono.vital
Phasing Bass.vital
Planet X.vital
Pluck – Down the road.vital
Pluck – Tail.vital
Pluck Bass.vital
Pluck to lead.vital
Pop Pluck.vital
Pulse But not.vital
Reso Lead.vital
Robo dreams.vital
Rogue Robot.vital
Scary Monster.vital
Self Expressive Pad.vital
Semi Classic movement.vital
Sheparp Games.vital
Sin Feel.vital
Spaceship Error.vital
Spring Key.vital
Spring Strings.vital
Steel Piano.vital
Steel Pluck fat.vital
Steel Pluck.vital
Steel Toy Pluck.vital
String heavy.vital
Strobe Key.vital
Sub Bass.vital
Sub Heavy.vital
Summer Key.vital
Sweet FM.vital
Swell wow.vital
Synthwave Chords.vital
Synthwave Saw.vital
Tecno Drum Loop.vital
Tention on Planet X.vital
The sound of DAWN.vital


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