Timeless for Harmor – Beautiful Relaxing presets for Harmor




What makes a sound beautiful? Is it the melody, is it the tempo, or is it the very basis of sound itself? To find out the answer to this question, I spent countless hours designing and refining some of the most beautiful sounds. The result is Timeless!! I am very happy to announce the first-ever relaxing sounds for Harmor. These presets are ideal for music producers who like to produce Lo-Fi, Chill Out, and Relaxing Music, along with other chill genres. The pack is filled with evolving pads, beautiful leads, keys and more.

Preset Description

Mallet – Marimba.fst
PD – 10th Dimension.fst
PD – Back in Time.fst
PD – Circle.fst
PD – Evolving.fst
PD – Judgement.fst
PD – Love Sick.fst
PD – Soft Church Organ.fst
PL – Analog Squre.fst
PL – China.fst
PL – Drill harmonics.fst
PL – Vocal.fst
BS – Analog FT.fst
BS – Analog Meets Digital.fst
BS – Depth.fst
BS – Dirty Ramp.fst
BS – Groove.fst
Key – Anime.fst
Key – ANNMS Special Mallet.fst
Key – Beautify.fst
Key – Dreamer.fst
Key – Night.fst
Key – Ocean.fst
Key – Protector.fst
Key – Troy.fst
LD – Cute Bells.fst
LD – Kill zone.fst
LD – Love It.fst
LD – Universe.fst


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